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about the artist

Hello everyone! My name is Joseph Zuniga, I am Currently enrolled at SCAD in Savannah GA as a 3d game designer. Originally from Chicago Illinois, i decided to join the Marines where I spent 5 years learning and working as an Aircraft mechanic. I have come a long way to get to this point but I can say one thing for sure, I have never given up on art. Although those 5 years in the military were tough, I always made time for art. Once I finally got out of the Marine Corps I decided to build up some courage and take a leap into a profession i could really see myself falling in love with! I have not regretted all the time and effort i have put in thus far, every class has taught me so much, and now I am beginning to create my own 3D art. I hope you all can enjoy getting to know me some more through my art work, and my postings on my progress in schooling as well!

Finally been putting some real effort in
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