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2D Art Portfolio


This is one of my earlier experiments with mixed media, I began to use water colors along with inks and markers to get a variety of textures. I also decided at this time to use some of my influence (in this case flowers) as actual parts of the picture. I pressed flowers and combined it to the drawing with adhesives.

Startingto get a good start on some new

I have continued to use water color in different ways, as I kept using them I discovered that there is so much I can do, so many textures to create. In this case i also included gold paint which i easily obsessed over.


I continued with the gold and added small details with it to bring out certain areas, and add a magical look to it. At this time I was really interested in obscure looking art, I thought it would be interesting to create some art that had things you really wouldn't see every day. In this piece I decided to go with a three faced sentinel that acts as a sort of guardian in a story I made at the time.


I officially became obsessed with watercolors and began to work with them on sketches, and eventually kept a whole book. I was really influenced by nature when I first used them, and since then I started to incorporate some parts of nature in most of my work.


I began to dabble in character designs, and considered making characters and drawings after Tarot cards. In this piece I decided to make it about "the Emperor" 

I used some common elements in other drawings, in this case i used the gold more often, especially with the head of flames. I believe it enhances the warm colors, and adds variety.


Continuing with tarot cards, i decided to do the card "Justice". When I was growing up I always found Tarot to be very beautiful, and mysterious. I always wanted to make a deck for myself and during this time I decided to at least make art reflecting the feelings that tarot gave me. Justice has been said to be blind, and in this case I believe it to be strong and beautiful as well. I depicted justice this way to show different sides. I will be making a second part to it, since we see many sides of justice in life.


Here we have an exploration of different papers, tapes and surfaces! At this time I tried to enhance my skills, and develop my understanding on the human anatomy, especially hands. I believe that hands have a tendency of being nitpicked in the art community, and because of this I believe it is important to recognize and improve.


I started taking color theory class and started seeing different ways that colors can be used, and many different pallet combinations. In this piece I experimented with complimentary colors, as well as other color schemes.


Ultimately I found a love for watercolor that has yet to be overturned, but as i mentioned earlier, I WILL be experimenting with many other medias, in this drawing I tried working on my anatomy and proportions, I believe I have a lot to work on still, and in upcoming works I hope to show the changes I go through.

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